This thrilling and fun entertainment can be shared with up to three friends. That’s right, you can play this horror story in a co-op! What’s better than hearing your friends’ screams in the proximity-preserving voice chat in a horror game? You can divide into groups or look for the papers alone, choose your strategy on your own.

Special features

The enemy has AI (artificial intelligence), which means her actions are unpredictable. Even the developer doesn’t know where she is going to spawn! So you cannot play in the same manner as you did while walking through the game for the first time.
Every time you restart the game, the places where the answers are hidden change. This means that you cannot use the knowledge from your previous walk-through or the information found on the Internet.
Proximity voice chat changes the sound of your friends’ voices based on how far they are from you. It adds a realistic touch and an additional fun of hearing your pals’ distant screams of horror.
You cannot kill your enemy but you can run away from her even if she saw you. If the Lunch Lady injured you, you can restore your health if you find a medkit.
Some rooms are closed but they can be unlocked using the right keys. Find them to be able to check all rooms for the exam answers.
Keep in mind that the monster’s strength, speed, and ability to find you increase as the game progresses, so you have to be extra cautious before you could leave the school safely!
This scary but fun online entertainment has mostly positive reviews, so if you enjoy the survival horror genre, do not pass by this game!

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