Lunch Lady Horror

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Lunch Lady horror game is a perfect type of entertainment for those who enjoy playing survival games in co-op with their friends. You play for a school student who wants to steal answers to the final exam to finish school without studying much. You can go to your school alone or with three friends and look for the papers with the test answers. But there are three problems – the papers are hidden all over the school, the premise is completely dark, and there is a monster Lunch Lady roaming around the halls and empty classrooms with the unbearable thirst for blood. She used to be an okay lady but now she is a possessed monster who cannot be reasoned. And what is worst, you have no weapons so she cannot be killed! So the only way to get away alive is to avoid encountering the enemy or running away from her.
If you happen to get caught by the monster, you can still run away if you are not cornered. But to stay alive you have to patch yourself up with a medkit that you need to find and it’s another challenge.
Some rooms and halls in the school are locked, but what if the needed papers are in there? Find the hidden keys and find out. Anyway, you don’t have much of a choice. You cannot leave the school and end the game before you find all 10 papers. And of course, you cannot win if you die. This digital entertainment with a dark atmosphere can become your favorite way of spending time with your pals. It may seem that it is a repetitive and boring story for multiple walkthroughs but we beg to disagree. First of all, the enemy is guided by artificial intelligence so you cannot predict where she is going to appear. And of course, her roaming pattern changes each time you die and start a new game. Secondly, all of the collectibles including papers, keys, and medkits are also hidden in different places in each new walkthrough. Thirdly, there is a proximity voice chat in which you will hear your friends from a distance if they are not near you. This realistic touch gives the player an additional thrilling experience. Imagine roaming through the dark hallway and hearing your friend’s scream from another end of the school, creepy, isn’t it?

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