Lunch Lady 2

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What can be more fun than discovering a new survival horror game with the highest rating if you love this genre? Being able to walk it through with your friends in co-op! If you have nerves of steel and enjoy the thrills, you should play in the Lunch Lady game. You can play in a single-player mode or invite up to three friends to enjoy this blood-chilling quest with you.
The game plot revolves around a simple task – you need to steal papers with exam answers from your school at night. But there are two problems: papers are well hidden in different, least expected places, and there is a murderous demonic Lunch Lady roaming around the empty hallways. You and your friends have only flashlights to lighten the building. And, of course, you cannot escape before you collect all ten papers. Besides the fact that they are hidden, the rooms they might be in can be locked, so first, you have to find the keys to unlock these rooms and only then inspect the premises. Although it is a challenge on its own, the major problem is a huge demonic immortal creature that wants you dead. You don’t have any weapons or strength to fight her, so the only way to survive is to hide well and run fast.
As the game progresses, your enemy becomes stronger, faster, and luckier in finding you. It is ensured by the fact that she is artificial-intelligence guided. This also makes the game unpredictable each time you restart it.
To make your quest easier, you can find and collect medkits to heal yourself if you have gotten in the arms of the monster. But be careful not to get cornered, then your chances to get away alive will drop to the minimum.
To get new emotions from this online entertainment, try walking it through alone and then with your friends, or other players from around the world, with whom you can play in co-op. Playing together brings additional perks. First of all, one of you can distract the foe while the other is collecting the papers you have already found. Secondly, you can distract the enemy if she cornered your friend and save their life. Thirdly, there is a proximity voice chat that imitates distance, i.e., if your pal is at the other end of the school building, you will hear his or her screams of fear from a distance and vice versa.
This online entertainment is quite recent; it was released just a few months ago. But those who have already tried it are already begging for the Lunch Lady 2. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can play an unlocked version on our website right now!

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