Lunch Lady

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Lunch Lady is an atmospheric survival horror game that you can play with your pals. You can invite up to 3 players to walk it through with you. If you are a fan of horror, and, especially, the survival genre, this will be one of your favorite or even the most beloved entertainment! The fans of this genre give only positive reviews to this scary entertainment.
So here is what it is about. You are a student who wants to pass exams without studying. So what is your plan? You can steal exam answers! For this, you need to get into your school at night and search for the papers with the answers hidden all over the place. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. First of all, it is completely dark and you need to use your flashlight. Secondly, the papers are well hidden in different rooms. And thirdly, you must not get caught by the monstrous Lunch Lady! You cannot fight her, she always wins – she is not a human anymore, but a hellish possessed monster. So you have to be super cautious and attentive not to get killed. Worth noting that as the game progresses, your enemy becomes stronger and can find you easier, so take care! If you got caught but survived, you can look for a medkit to patch yourself up.
You may think that this type of entertainment can be fun only for one evening since it has only one location (although it is the entire school) and one monster. But the fun part is that in each new game the papers will be hidden in other places. And of course, the Lunch Lady search pattern will also change. This enemy is a real AI, not even the game developer knows where she is going to appear! So, if you plan to hide at the same spot you were hiding during the first walkthrough, it is not going to work.
It is a challenging, fun, and scary experience that you can enjoy over and over again alone or with your pals. You can also change the game difficulty from easy to insane and test your hiding skills, acumen, and nerves.
Additional fun is ensured by the proximity voice chat, i.e. the sound coming from your friends differs based on their location. If you hear your friend screaming from a certain classroom, you know that you should stay away. Or, you can show your courage and loyalty and come to the rescue. But keep in mind that you cannot kill the monster, you can only distract her from your friend and then you need to run and hide or you will get murdered!

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