Granny Horror

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4.5 stars (6votes)

Granny horror is a perfect mobile game for those who love survival horror games and are not afraid of playing them. In this game, you are a hostage in a scary granny’s house. You can get out of the house but you have only five days or you will be killed!
Not to attract the monstrous woman, you have to be super quiet. She hears any rustle and comes for you. With this scary and thrilling entertainment, you can train your nerves, courage, acumen, sneakiness, and speed of reaction.
This online entertainment has different levels of difficulty. If you chose an easy level, your enemy will move a bit slower and it will be harder for her to get you as you will have more time to hide and run. Besides, the floor won’t be creak treacherously. But on a hard level, be ready that granny will move super fast and each of your actions will be heard by her. Do you have the courage to walk it through at a max difficulty? Try it and find out!
About the time you have to get out, the game has its own time, and it is running fast, so hurry up! But of course, do not forget to be quiet and hide well! The granny is attentive, if she catches you when you try to sneak under a bed, she will notice and kill you. You have to hide before she enters the room like in real life.
It is a dark and atmospheric digital entertainment with progressing difficulty the more keys you find to get out of the house. To find all of the keys, you have to look through all of the rooms in the house. But keep in mind that granny is always around. To get her out of the room you plan to inspect – throw something in a different room and wait till she comes to check the noise.
At first, you may think that it is an easy game but it is almost impossible to escape alive in just one day. Why? First of all, the door is locked on many locks and the keys are in different places. Secondly, well, let the gameplay surprise you. We are not going to disclose the secrets and steal your fun. Find out why this game has such a high score and multiple positive reviews by playing it yourself.

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